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    Hey y'all. Getting NPIP certified is completely free. The state would prefer all backyard flocks being certified so they can keep records on your birds in order to keep all birds safe. This is good because they bend over backward in order to help you (at least they do here in WV) We only have one field agent and he's from the southern part of the state. I dealt with him on his cell. We made an appt. and he traveled all the way here to do my 12 birds.

    He then compiled his paperwork and sent me mine in a couple weeks. They will come once a year, I believe and randomly check birds but they will call first. I cleaned out all my coops too [​IMG] just because I thought I was going to be investigated [​IMG] but it wasn't like that at all.

    Good Luck and it is a great idea if you're planning on selling eggs or birds or showing.
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    It's not free for the testing in the state of Ohio.

    NOTE: The following info on NPIP testing is what I have learned from the State Department of Agriculture FOR THE STATE OF OHIO. This does not apply to all states, you really need to contact your own Dept. of Ag to find your states rules and regulations on NPIP Certification!

    The Ohio Departement of Agriculture's State Veterinary called me back. NPIP Certification is OPTIONAL in the state of Ohio and NOT REQUIRED for selling chicks or eggs. NOT REQUIRED for selling chicks to local feedstores UNLESS THE FEEDSTORE REQUIRES IT!

    NPIP testing is only required if you are importing birds INTO the state of Ohio, meaning the birds being brought in (birds NOT eggs, birds!) must come from NPIP tested flocks only! Doesn't mean YOUR flock IN Ohio has to be NPIP tested, JUST the birds you are bringing in to the state.
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    When the birds come in do you get some sort of paperwork with them to prove they are npip? Some 903 form?
    What if you don't get that with them?
    It would be best to get it done anyway if we are wanting to ship out of state correct?
    Why would they have to test every 6 weeks for AI? How much is that?
    I think whomever does the testing charges a fee of their own for driving to your place?
    Thank you,
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    Aug 16, 2008
    Quote:AI is free every six weeks.

    If someone is NPIP they have to send a copy of their certification or proof of it with their birds. This cannot be passed with your birds to a show if you have other chickens on the place.

    Example, McMurray hatchery sells a pullorum certficate for $1 if you request it with the birds. This proves they came from a NPIP Hatchery. This does NOT prove that they are NPIP after you take them to your farm/ranch/homestead, etc because they don't know if you have other birds or not.
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    Then every time you go to a show you should have to be retested since they have been off your home and around other birds?
    As soon as they leave your premises your testing is null and void?
    That would make sense how they are making it sound?
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    Quote:Anytime you buy new birds, eggs, chicks, etc you should receive the sellers certificate that their flock has tested clean. If you dont get it, then there is no way of knowing if you are bringing infected birds into your coops. You should quarantine and call your inspector, have him come out and test the new birds. There isnt a fee for this.

    In Texas, we are required by law to have the testing done to send out of state. I dont know about AI, since that's not required here.

    Our inspector just comes out and tests. Results are immediate. No fees, other than the $25 fee that covers receiving the certificate.
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    This is an old thread, but I am new to BYC. In the state of Arkansas it is $30 per year plus .15 for each bird tested and .15 to have each bird banded.

    Each bird that is tested is banded. If you have bought and can prove all of your breeders came from NPIP certified flocks they will test 100% of your breeding stock the first year and then 10% of any other chickens you have on the property.

    Breeding stock must be a minimum of 4 months of age to qualify for testing.

    Because I have a flock that did not come from someone certified NPIP I will need to have every chicken and chick on the property tested.

    They also swab incubators at $7 each up to 4 incubators.

    Each year the amount of breeders that have to be tested drops. I think 75%, then 50%, then 25%. They will always test 10% of non-breeders.
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    For anyone interested in Ohio, you need to contact the Ohio Poultry Association not the Dept of Ag. It took me 5 mins to set up my appt. The cost is $35 annually plus mileage, if you agree to the AI testing program they will waive the mileage fee. After your initial visit the pollorum and AI testing are done annually.

    For more questions, you can contact the Ohio Poultry Association @
    (614) 882-6111
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    I found this online, a contact email for each state:
    Hope this helps.....
    How to Become a Participant in the National Poultry Improvement Plan

    Click on the e-mail next to the State where your hatchery, independent flock or business is located and send the State NPIP agency a request for NPIP participation including your name, address, phone number, fax number if applicable, e-mail, type of business (hatchery, independent breeding flock, or dealer) type of poultry you handle or breed (egg-type chickens, meat-type chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, exhibition poultry, game birds, and/or ratites). If your State is not listed, click on the listing of the official State Agencies of the NPIP on the home page to obtain the, address and phone number of the official state agency for your state.

    Alabama [email protected]
    Arizona [email protected]
    Arkansas [email protected] or [email protected]
    California [email protected]
    Colorado [email protected]
    Connecticut [email protected] or [email protected]
    Delaware [email protected]
    Florida [email protected]
    Georgia [email protected]
    Idaho [email protected]
    Illinois [email protected]
    Indiana [email protected]
    Iowa [email protected]
    Kansas [email protected]
    Kentucky [email protected] or [email protected]
    Louisiana [email protected]
    Maine [email protected]
    Maryland [email protected]
    Massachusetts [email protected]
    Michigan [email protected]
    Minnesota [email protected]
    Mississippi [email protected]
    Missouri [email protected]
    Montana [email protected] or [email protected]
    Nebraska [email protected]
    Nevada [email protected]
    New Hampshire [email protected]
    New Jersey [email protected]
    New Mexico [email protected]
    New York [email protected]
    North Carolina [email protected]
    North Dakota [email protected]
    Ohio [email protected]
    Oklahoma [email protected]
    Oregon [email protected]
    Pennsylvania [email protected]
    Rhode Island [email protected]
    South Carolina [email protected]
    South Dakota [email protected] or [email protected]
    Tennessee [email protected]
    Texas [email protected]
    Utah [email protected]
    Vermont [email protected]
    Virginia [email protected]
    Washington [email protected]
    West Virginia [email protected]
    Wisconsin [email protected]
    Wyoming [email protected]
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    Wow! WV is free! It cost's $80.00 in Indiana! [​IMG]

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