Oh my gosh I can't wait for the Chicks!

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  1. Chicken Frenzie

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    Nov 2, 2010
    Well, we will be ordering 6.. but since outside there is liek 3 feet of snow and right now it's like 3 Degrees F out, they wont be coming for like 2 months.. I need help! I AM OBSESSED!! I have this white board counting down the days until we order them.. then at school I have a notebook with a count down too. We are going to build another coop, and start a little of it inside. I cannot wait! We are ordering (Hopefully they'll have these..) PS: One of each.
    -Jersey Giant
    -Russian Orloff
    -A hatch

    Any tips for the LONG wait? [​IMG] [​IMG] =P What are you ordering? And are you as crazy as me? [​IMG]
  2. GammaPoppyLilyFlutter

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    Jun 26, 2010
    I have a short attention span, but what I do is I prepare as much as I can. Perhaps start building the coop before the chicks arrive and make the brooder the best ever, with little tunnels and caves for the chicks to get out of the heat
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  3. The Turken Lady

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    Congrats! I love delewares! [​IMG] My only one,Salt died. [​IMG] And.. I can't wait for much long before I start complaining. [​IMG]
    Yeah,I'm ordering some too..
    Bantam Black Sumatras

    I'm Hatching my own..
    Bantam phoenix s

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