OHIO-am trying to get info together b4 I capture ducks on OSU campus


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
and am curious if anyone is familiar with the OSU campus and POSSIBLY knows who to contact about some domestic ducks on osu's Mirror lake???? Just trying to get info in order so I don't overstep my limits when doing this. anyone plz? I live in central Ohio and these ducks were brought to my attention by my college son as he was concerned about the lame Pekin there. The other observed ducks were a Muscovy drake,duck and 4 ducklings(almost mature).
Someone probably dropped them there. They should be happy where they are, and i suggest leaving them alone. You could even be committing a crime by capturing them.
Drake appears to have a broken wing and Pekin is lame and as these are domestic animals(kind of like feral cats that have been ignored and don't live healthy/long from neglect)I have to step in. At least to slaughter the Pekin if shes too far gone by now. This is actually a small/shallow pond with concrete walkway around withing the grounds of osu campus and has a history of dead/dying ducks and I can't turn my back again. My cahoonas have grown considerably and I need info to help.

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