Okay so... I'm wondering if my EE is an Ameraucana...


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Nov 12, 2018
When I first got chickens, I didn't know the difference between EEs and Ameraucanas. Looking back, our "Ameraucanas" were actually EEs. I've always loved EEs and so now I'm curious. I have a rooster, maybe 6 or 7 years old at this point. He doesn't have green legs (I don't think... they look pretty blue to me), has muffs and a beard, and I don't know what egg color he lays because he's a... well, he's a rooster XD.

I don't think he has a "modified pea", but then again I still haven't figured out what the difference between a modified pea and a normal pea is. XD Any insight on that?

I don't know where he was bought, because we got him when he was older. He's obviously pretty poor quality, with his wry tail, poor coloring, and whatnot. His coloring reminds me of the silver duckwing variety.

I was calling him an EE, because not knowing exactly where he came from makes me feel like I shouldn't be able to call him an Ameraucana. But I am truly curious. Just an EE? Or a badly bred Ameraucana?

So this is Solomon!!! Still growing his sickle feathers back after a bad molt, but as gentle and friendly as ever! I love him to bits. A gentleman with the ladies and he follows me around like a dog LOL.

I guess the entire reason for this thread is because of his daughter, Squeak, who absolutely has blue legs. Not sure who her mother is (thinking welsummer) but she's got all the other EE characteristics. If Solomon, her father, is an Ameraucana, and had the genes for blue eggs, and her mother was a brown egg layer... will she lay green eggs?

Pictures of them both in the next post.
Pictures. Squeak is the pullet. Solomon is the rooster.


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