Olive Egg???? Pics added of hens UPDATE! OMG!!!!


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Apr 29, 2007
I found this egg in my youngsters coop today. The hens in there are Splash Orp and Mottled Houdan......... WEIRD Color

Pinkish egg for comparison is from my Blue and Splash Orps (older) , The White egg is from my Houdans (a couple months older)

The Green Egg is the one I found


Houdan Hen, not the likely suspect of laying the green egg since Houdans lay White eggs


Splash Orp Hen, only other hen, and most likely laid the Green Egg

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That's just it, The Splash Orp and the Mottled Houdan are Pure, how they heck can they lay this colored egg? Houdans normally lay White and Orps lay a tan to pinkish color. I cam perplexed as to how one of them can be laying an egg this color......
Sounds like someone has a hidden blue egg gene in the background somewhere, Karen. Honestly, no way to be sure. Maybe they're hiding someone in their coop! Brown egg with blue egg gene would give you a green egg, so probably the Orps, but how? Dunno.
that is very strange but someone must be carrying the blue gene somewhere.... maybe you can lock one up and see who is laying what then figure it out from there. There was a post about silkie Ameraucanas and the amount of investigation was amazing I am sure if put to the task that a BYC member could figure it out
The Orps in there are the Splash hen from you and Junior and the Black Orp that I am still not convinced is a rooster that I hatched from my eggs..... I am sure it is the Orp egg, because Houdans lay White eggs.


Wonder if these will make me rich
Maybe the easter bunny is practicing on your eggs without your consent......have you seen any 6 foot bunnies lollagagging around trying to escape your notice?

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