olive eggers trios-pick up only


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
hello all,
i will be having some extra chicks in a couple of weeks.the ages are between 2 weeks and 6 weeks so some of them i am not sure about on the sex yet.i am only keeping a few so i need to rehome the others.i have blue copper and black copper marans and also wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucanas.i want to put together 3-4 trios of either an ameraucana roo and 2 marans pullets or a marans roo and 2 ameraucana pullets.some of the marans are mossy,some are heavily feathered, some are clean legged and a couple of the ameraucanas are clean faced.since these are negatives for the breeds i don't want to keep them in the breed pens.i thought this would be a good way to use them and who doesn't want green eggs.

please send me a PM if anyone is interested and we can talk.

i live in central georgia but i can meet within reason.

thank you!
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