One Lonely chick


Nov 12, 2016
USA, Michigan
I was hatching four bantam eggs in my incubator and only one hatched, she is only a day old now. I have started incubating more eggs but they wont hatch for another two weeks. What can I do for my chick to keep it from feeling lonely until the other chicks come? Could I make some toys for it to keep it entertained? And when can I start taking her out of the brooder to walk around and hold her?
I highly recommend a mirror. I had a single chick by herself for almost 2 weeks because she had unabsorbed yolk. She had never seen another chick. So when I put her in with some bantams she was scared of them. She was bigger than them but she was still scared.
I have raised singles before without issue other than keeping them warm more problematic. Also put them in with a mature rooster although made certain all was well before leaving alone.

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