One more ? about eating eggs from a hen that ate chick starter


9 Years
Apr 8, 2010
South Central Texas
See I put out some medicated chick starter for the younger chicks not thinking about them eating it. We ate one of their eggs soon after. For some reason I didn't think that one through and now know we should wait 2-3 weeks before eating their eggs. So, will I grow a 6th toe or sprout feathers? What are the effects of eating eggs from a hen who has eaten medicated food? Thanks!!!!!
You should be able to eat these eggs - the medication is an antibiotic. There will likely be trace amounts in the egg - but not enough to consider.

You don't however want to eat eggs after you give a wormer. Unless you have worms & want to get rid of them! : D
Oh good! Lol It's the Purina start and grown so I spose it's the Amprolium (Sack's tag was half missing). I think we will give it a couple days then east the eggs, I'm not horribly concerned but we try to stay away from that stuff (abx) so yea.
Thanks so much!
Sorry, but the most common med. in medicated chick starter - amprolium - is not an antibiotic at all. It's a coccidistat. It retards the growth of cocci, giving the chicks immune system time to take over.
Unless you have a serious allergy to sulphur drugs, eating eggs from pullets that have eaten medicated chick starter then you shouldn't have any problem at all.

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