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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by chasing ducks, Jul 21, 2010.

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    I had 1 chicken egg, 1 duck egg and 10 quail eggs all set to hatch in my incubator, well, yesterday the chicken hatched early. The rest aren't due till thursday or friday. I have to take the chick out soon, I don't want to take the chick out after others have pipped due to shrink wrapping and I am worried that they could go over due, and the chick would need water before everyone was out of the shells. My question is, if I have to open the incubator anyway, would it be ok to check on my duck egg? (candling I mean)
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    Feb 21, 2010
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    I'm super new to this but my gut says just leave it alone. If you candle it and you don't think it's viable you're probably going to pop it back in just to see anyway. You're already this far in so in my mind there's no point in putting the duck or quails at risk when candling it isn't going to change the outcome for the better. It's either going to hatch in the next few days or it isn't and you're going to wait to see either way. I'd open the bator just enough to get the chick out and then leave it alone.

    I know it's hard not to mess with them but from everything I've been told on here, it's just better to sit on your hands and let mother nature take it's course unless intervention becomes absolutely necessary. There is no intervention that could be done at this point so all it will do is put the babies at risk.
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    I agree with Jettgirl24. What are you possibly making better by candling? You would possibly be making a bad situation worse.

    I think you have a tough decision to make. If the other eggs hatch on schedule, this one chick could be getting thirsty by the time the others hatch. But if this chick hatched earlier than it was supposed to, that probably means your incubator temperature is running a little high. If that is the case, your other eggs will probably hatch a bit early too. A chick can go three days, maybe a little more, without food or water. I think I'd leave the incubator closed and see what happens. If you do decide to open it, I'd suggest having a spray bottle of warm water ready, snatch the chick out as quick as possible, and mist the incubator as you closed it to try to keep the humidity up as much as you can.

    Good luck!
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    what kind of incubator ,, I open mine all the time without any damage and have never candeled , but if you have one of those styrofoam units then opening it is a dangerous as far as rebalancing temp and humidity goes .

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