Orpington Eggs???

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    I have a question. I have 5 hens in my coop. 3 blue Orpingtons and 2 golden comets. All were sold to me as such and I didn't get them from a hatchery. I have always heard that Orpingtons lay light brown eggs. Well, I am getting two colors out of my girls. Large dark brown and very small blue/green/ gray eggs. The large brown are coming from my comets. Does this mean my Orpingtons are actually crossed with another breed? They also don't lay as well as I thought they would. They are 1 year old and I've maybe gotten 10 or 15 eggs out of all 3 of them. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC.
    We will need to see photos of the birds you have in order to begin to venture any guess as to their actual breed identity - take a photo or two of each bird in natural lighting -- be sure that at least one photo shows the entire bird, legs included, in a good side profile and if the comb type is not readily distinguishable in that photo a nice head shot (or description of which comb type the bird has) will help.
    As to production rate - this may be related to breed, but it can also be related to environmental factors as expected production by breed is only one part of the puzzle. Factors such as nutrition, stress, etc can override the breed's inherent production expectation - then there is egg eating, egg hiding, predation of eggs by outside animals, etc that can cause an apparent lack of production.

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