Our coop plans, can you provide suggestions?

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    Feb 21, 2015
    Faquier County, Virginia
    this is the side of our shed where we plan to put our coop. the roof frame (random piece of metal frame we found in our shed) is 6 1/2 ft x 3 1/2 ft, and we plan to build a coop 6x3, 4 ft tall, standing 1 1/2 ft off the ground. We have the roof in the position the coop will be, and then we will frame in a rectangular run from corner of coop to corner of shed, 5 1/2 ft tall (we are using reclaimed wood, and unless we find longer pieces, this is our limit). Nest box will go on the short right side (where hubs is measuring), and clean out access will be on the rear where my kiddo is standing. We have two shed windows to install sideways at the top on both long sides of the coop. I'm thinking it will provide good ventilation in the coop, and look pretty. We have two giant chain link fence panels we will use as the base of the coop run for predator protection, and we will be using 1/2 inch hardware cloth for all of the fencing needed for the coop and run. I plan to run the fencing down and tie it in to the chain link. We want this to house 6-8 hens. Does that make sense? Please give me any all suggestions you have. This is our first flock, and first time building a structure with a roof![​IMG]
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    Don't even bother trying to use that frame as your roof. A 6x3 coop is only large enough for 3-4 chickens and 3' is really too narrow to be of much use. Have you scoured your local CL? You can usually find free scrap lumber and roofing material. You might get lucky and find a free swingset or trampoline frame (perfect frame work for an enclosed run), playhouse, small shed, plywood or OSB boards, large shipping crates, windows, doors, wire... What's trash to some will make a decent chicken coop for others. Also keep an eye out for free or cheap dog run panels. Investigate Pallet Coops in this section. Pallets are always free and unlimited. You can make it just as large as you want and they only thing you will need to come up with is roofing material.
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    May 27, 2014
    Shed looks like a good size to run some hens in. Just mod for air flow and cleaning. Going to agree with P-Chick on this one, 6x3 is small and P-Chick says 3-4 hens, I'd say 2-3 hens. unless they have a big run. From your photos looks like you are in cold country, so in the cold they won't want to go out as much, so on a 6x3, 4 hens would be max.

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