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    Jun 13, 2015
    Hi Friends

    I'm kind of stuck trying to figure out what is wrong with one of my chickens :(
    She has grown so pale, and thin, wont eat meal worms ( which is crazy) she doesn't have mites, although I treated the coop and all the hens to mite treatment and put DE all in the coop. she does have worms, as I'm treating her for worms, and a few other chickens also have worms (how do chickens get worms in the first place?) so they're all being treated. but she's the only one who seems to not be getting better and is disinterest in free ranging, and hanging out with the other girls. she was the first one i noticed ill with worms, and the first to start the treatment and is the only one who has grown pale. Her comb has even shrunken. She is about 3 years old, so shes not super old, she hasn't been laying for a while now.
    Will say her poop is very green, like grass green and thick like regular poop. I've been feeding her a new better feed with grains and corn in it to try to help her put back on some weight, but it seems to pass right through her?

    any ideas? i know this is kind of vague so ask any questions you can think of. anything will help.
    She is one of the special hens whom I've rescued so i don't know her back round, but shes very sweet and easy to treat.

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    A few questions[​IMG]
    What kind of worms does she have and what product are you using to treat them?
    How does her abdomen feel - soft, hard, bloated, fluid filled, normal?
    The new feed - what kind is it? Is it a poultry feed or is it scratch grains?

    Worm infestation can cause some of the symptoms you are seeing. The green poo could be caused by her not eating.

    At 3yrs old she most likely would start naturally slowing down in laying, but since she is sick I would almost suspect there is an underlying problem. Reproductive disorders (internal laying/Peritonitis/cancers, etc.) can show up at any age, but as they age these illness/conditions can be more prevalent.

    Worm information:

    Internal/Reproductive disorders:

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