pasty poopy hen butt! HELP!!

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  1. MissAbbyStreet

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    Nov 27, 2009
    South of the James, VA
    Sorry for the weird subject header, I'm just confused as to what else to refer it to!!
    Anyhow, I've got a nearly 6 month old Golden Comet hen who just started laying about a week or so. I've been noticing she's got quite a bit of "poop" stuck on her butt feathers, from her "vent" right down to in between her legs. I first tried wipin her down with a warm damp cloth, with no success, and have trimmed her a couple times (she's very docile and put up no fight, that sweet heart). I can't seem to get it all off though, and am getting concerned it's something to be worried over after reading a few of the "pasty butt" posts on here!!
    Help??? [​IMG]

    ** Also, it's been rainin quite a bit here in south-eastern VA in the past couple weeks-- could her being exposed to excess rain & whatnot have something to do with this???
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  2. Imp

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    I believe pasty butt refers to chicks. It is a serious problem potentially fatal.
    It sounds like you have a chicken with a dirty butt. Seems like some birds are prone to dirty butt. I think about all you can do is try to keep it as clean as you can. You can give chickens baths and slowly clean it up, or trim the feathers. You do want to keep the skin clean of the poop, as it may burn the skin if left on. You may also want to check for mites and lice. I'll attach a link that might help. Good luck


    ETA link
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  3. lauralou

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    Yeah, dirty butt. [​IMG] I've seen it. For less severe cases, I have snipped the offending turdball off, feathers and all.

    But sometimes that doesn't seem the best course of action. It sounds like you have a bad case on your hands. One time I had a bad case here, and I ran a pail of warm water, donned rubber gloves, and put the poor girl in the pail. I used dish soap and washed and washed until it came clean. It was not fun for either of us!

    Then I asked myself, is there something I could do to prevent this? Here's what I came up with: Apple cider vinegar in the water, and cooked oatmeal for breakfast. I have no idea why it worked, but it did. I haven't seen dirty butt in forever.


  4. TipsyDog

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    May 14, 2009
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    Some birds are just prone to it. You're going to have to wash it off. I just did one - get an old towel/rag. Hold the bird in one arm and hold the butt under the running tub spout of warm water. With your other hand, gently try to get the poop off her butt. When she's clean, rub gently with the towel to dry. You can then cut off any more poop balls that are stuck. Blow dry the butt on low setting and low heat then put her back out.

    Now - take 20 minutes to bleach down your bathtub! [​IMG]

    That's how I did it... [​IMG]

    ETA: [​IMG]
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  5. MissAbbyStreet

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    Nov 27, 2009
    South of the James, VA
    Thank ya'll so much! You guys are great.
    I'll try givin' her a good bath & the apple cider vinegar trick :]
    SO relieved it's not anything serious!!!
  6. Sillystunt

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    put vaseline on the butt. totally helps!!! Also if their food and water are to close to the heat source i heard that can cause it.
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  7. bamboo chicken

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    Nov 8, 2009
    hi! my hen has the same problem. the poop is so piled up on her vent that is has melded with her skin. its a mess and i feel awful for her and me as i figure out what to do. the warm water/soap method seems the best idea, if i try to remove it dry it tends to bleed so maybe the water will help to melt it off? [​IMG] its very gross. her feathers all below her vent were wet with poo and i clipped most off, but it makes me wonder if she is sick? will just cleaning her up take care of the problem or if shes sick will it just keep happening? this is definately not one of the "joys" of having chickens!![​IMG]
  8. Bantimna

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    Sep 29, 2009
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  9. Kittymomma

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    Sep 9, 2009
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    Quote:Don't use the ACV in metal water containers.
  10. lngrid

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    Can you try soaking her bum for a bit to make it easier to get off? Maybe warm water would be pleasant? Or maybe make a chicken diaper with a warm, wetted cloth to um... soften things a bit?


    You have my sympathy!

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