Perfect And Easy Peeling Boiled Eggs Today!!


8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
This topic seems to come up somewhat frequently as I've read the threads with interest in months past. Having made quite a few pickled eggs in the past with storebought eggs, and having had quite the frustrating time with peeling said storebought eggs, I was eager to try out boiling the eggs from my backyard flock for the first time (I am relatively new to backyard chickens...started my flock back in the summer and have 5/6 birds laying now). I used the method I seemed to remember reading in a thread not to long ago. The only difference is I did not add anything to the water (no salt or vinegar). Brought water to a brisk boil and ladled the eggs (eggs were prolly about 2 weeks old approx) directly into the boiling water and set the timer for 15 minutes. At 15 minutes I immediately put the pot in the sink and replaced the hot water with cool water (one exchange) and then added ice to the water. I peeled immediately within several minutes of adding the ice. I then peeled while holding the egg under running water, the result: PERFECT AND EASY PEELED EGGS!!! The shell just seemed to almost slip off the egg once started, each egg taking about 10 seconds to peel. I have tried adding things in the past like salt, vinegar, using older eggs, poking a needle whole in one end before boiling, etc.....none of these things seemed to make much difference. Also, I have to say that boiling 15 minutes seemed like a LONG time compared to methods I've used in the past, but its hard to argue with the results and how easily the peeling went. Did this twice this week with perfect results, next big test will be to see how a LARGER batch like a dozen or so at once, will effect how well this method is working for me, as the two tests I did this week were with 6 eggs the first time, and 4 eggs the next. So will putting a large batch in at once cool off the boiling water enough to effect the outcome?

Anyway, I thought I'd post my positive experience.
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Very informative! Thanks for the post!

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