Pink eye!


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Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
ARRRGGG! Once again I have caught pink eye from the kids at the pool. I swear this happens every summer. Sheesh! I look like I've been on a three week bender.

I realize that pink eye is HIGHLY contagious among humans. What about crossing over to animals? Chickens, cats, dogs, etc. ?

I started the eye drops today so hopefully it will be less ooky soon...
Wow in all my (not so many) years here Ive never had pink eye..

Some people just seem more prone to it I guess...

Good luck!!
I catch it almost every summer. Has to do with being in the water every day with 80+ kids. Plus face to face with a half dozen at a time in swim lessons. You'd be amazed at the number of parents that put their kids in the water with pink eye, stomach bugs, colds, etc. Chlorine doesn't kill everything, people!

Count yourself blessed to be pink eye free. It's very annoying and icky.
my 12 yeart old daughter has it in both eyes and is going to the doc in the morning also my niece and nephew are getting it to... they are all going to see the doctor at one time..
The good news is that the eye drops really work. I can already open my eye and can see again. It's still really watery, but not icky, goopy.

Chixie- hopefully your brood will get good eye drops too. They don't hurt and seem to work quickly.

for Birdboy. I feel your pain (literally!).
Hope you are feeling better!

I'm still wondering if it can pass to cats, dogs and chickens. From my reading it is a form of bacteria. I'm sure it was on my hands last night as I kept rubbing that eye (I know, I know. Bad, bad, bad!). I handled everybody last night.
Debi, we posted at the same time!

I don't have goats or horses, but they are all around me out here in the boondocks. I'm pretty sure the pool is the culprit though. Chlorine doesn't kill that bacteria so it tends to race through the pool if someone is foolish enough to have their contagious kid up there. Grrrr.
I know I've had it once, and maybe twice. All I know is, I'm fine one day, then wake up in the morning with one eye glued shut. My first thought is "@#$%%$ NOOOOO!

Pink eye is not fun!

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