Placing someone elses egg under broody?


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Ok, so Ive been wanting a muscovy for this purpose, but i dont have one

SOOO. I was wondering If I could place my black swed and Cayuga eggs under my broody buff? Would she take them and be like " Oh, looks like ive been busy" or would she roll them out?

I want ducklings now that ive thought of a way to find them new homes if I cant keep them , but I dont like letting my two active drakes in with my buff because they are mean men and pull the not - even - out - of - blood - vessel - stage flight feathers from my young ducks (her last hatch)

So would this work? My mom has stated a firm NO about shipping eggs right now, because of cost of shipping.

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