Aug 2, 2019
My 4 month old chickens are being let out of the run under supervision.

I opened the gate, picked a spot in the yard to sit, and watched! So much fun to watch them all explore and play! One of my lady spitzhaubens had a blast-
I had a water bottle, and she came over and took the cap right out of my hand, and they all played a game of 'keep away'! (Of course I took the cap later and tossed it in the trash.)

Gandalf, my Sapphire Gem, opted to hang out under the grape vines with my welsummers.

My Russian Orloff (affectionately named The Russian) found her way into the shrubs and perched in a bush!

Adam, my studly young cockerel strutted around the yard and frequently checked on the girls that decided to remain in the run. (I kept the door open.)

After a while, I decided to herd them back in for the day. I was pleasantly surprised to find it easy. Only one tried to give me the slip. The rest grouped together and marched right in!

It's been a good day!
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