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May 21, 2017
I have a crested duckling with Wry Neck and I have been doing EXTENSIVE research and there are just so many different words of advice out there, I'm torn. :(
First of all, the Wry Neck started showing last night. My duckling is a little over two weeks old and is living with one other duckling. She can still walk, but is getting worse. I'm afraid that she's drinking and eating less and less. She has stopped peeping altogether.
Right now I've started her on a recommended (from this website) multivitamin for babies called Poly-Vi-Sol. I put three drops in their water and I give her like two drops directly into her beak. I have also been putting Basil, which is high in vitamin E in her food, but is there a 'too much' point with basil? I don't want to overfeed it to her. I also gave her a significant amount of spinach which is high in vitamin E, but I just learned that it is extremely bad when over fed, so now I'm freaking out.
She is currently being fed adult chicken feed. Do I need to find a chick/duckling vitamin feed? Am I doing enough to help her? Am I doing too much? How can I ensure that she's getting enough food and water? I'm so worried that I'll loose her. :hit:hit

This is Whimsy, her neck is constantly like this, standing or laying. :(
Considering the size of her crest, it *might* be neurological rather than classic wry neck... I would still keep up on the vitamin supplents... do not feed spinach it inhibits calcium absorption, I believe...

Yes, get them proper duckling or chick feed, ducks do well with 20% protein... Purina Flock Raiser is formulated for ducklings and adult ducks... I would also get brewers yeast or nutritional yeast, add 1 tblspn per cup of feed or get Niacin to add to their water...

Hope she pulls through this...
Thank you. I called and left the Vet a message. I hear that prednisone can be very helpful in these situations. Waiting to hear back from him.
Okay, this is the best chick/hopefully duck feed I could find. Hopefully it's better than the adult chicken feed they're getting now. It's a Nutrena chick starter grower. 18% protein.

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