polish/silkie cross

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  1. [​IMG]my polish-silkie frizze I got her sept 8,2012 her name is Mockingjay she is 3 weeks old.
    the little tiny one is either going to named Seth or Stephanie when we find out if its a pullet or cockeral..it 4 days old and as you can see will have a white hat when feathered out. black legs, but yellow feet with only 4 toes.
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  2. THE silkie/polish frizzle cross in above picture is now laying eggs . I have bred her to my dark blue silkie she looks black he does to but they are both dark blue
  3. well my silkie/polish frizzle cross hatched out 3 eggs such cute little babies. here mom and dad are.

    as you can see she has polish v comb. All of the babies have tiny black walnut combs like daddy.Wheaten Ameraucana-Omlet photo bombing.
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  4. My cross is only a few days old. Can't wait to see her * fingers crossed * full grown!
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    I'm showing a polish/silkie chicken at the fair! They are so loving and cute!
  6. one of the babies had pasty but as she dried out I could see she was a frizzle or sizzle as she showed the curled feather's .they were hatched april 5 was surprised to already be able to tell this soon.
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    You can show cross breeds with 4h?

    I have a silkie/polish too. He is such a sweet chicken. Husband says no boys so he has to go. I just want thim to not go to a home that will eat him. He is too sweet for that. Im looking to trade him. We are in lakeland florida.


    Does he look like a silkie x polish??
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    I wish we lived closer as we live in texas I would take him in a heart beat but we also have an anti-hen neighbor I can't imagine what it would be like if we got a roo I think he is just jealous of our fresh eggs also I could never think of eating any of our chickens they are our pets and egg suppliers we also name them and let them live out their days warm and happy in our coop
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    This is Freckles our funny little bantam roo.
    He is king of the garden and even the big girls do as he says!

    as you can tell my Daughter raised him and loves him so much. I think if she could put him in her handbag that's where he would be!






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    I'm planning a White Crested Black Polish rooster over a White Silkie Hen in the spring, any folks that can see the future of this cross.
    Please give me a hint on what We might see hatching out....[​IMG]:jumpy

    Here's my rooster, the hen will be a Standard White from a long line of white(from a show bird from NC)

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