Poopy not pasty butt in 8 month old birds! Not vent gleet!(I think)

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    Hey all so my little flock of Jersey Giants are fat and healthy (the Roo especially is a big boy)-- they are laying and eating well--
    so recently, I noticed that the Roo has a bit of usu white poo sticking to his expecially fluffy but behind, and this is marking up the backs of the hens.
    Also noticing that one of the other hens has this too-- now read the link to the Vent gleet (or is it the other way around?) article-- there is no odor or pus or malodorous poo
    eggs coming at about 7 a day for 10 hens (how on earth do you know which hen is laying what?)--
    and the birds seem healthy....
    What could this be, and should I try washing the affect rear ends off with some Dawn (or can you use like Kirkland brand dishwashing soap?)... or what help! Is this a bad thing, or is normal for their fluffy butts to be like that (the one hen is the sister to the roo and they are the biggest, fattest, fluffiest of the lot)....

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