poor baby getting attacked by big bad grownups!

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  1. We have a little chick, a miracle xmas chick, and he and his mommy have been kept separate from the flock since he was still an egg... I tried to let him have a nice running around day the other day it hit 38, and all the other chickens came over and started BITING him... he cried sooooo loud. so he and his mama have taken over my husbands workshop... what can I do?
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    wait until he is big enough to defend himself, and the hens will have to make the pecking order its natural, but ot let them injure him.
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    Start making your husband really nice dinners! [​IMG]

    No really, can you section off a part of the coop with wire so they can "be" with the flock, but not be harassed. After a few weeks, they should be accepted, hopefully you won't have to wait until the chick has gotten full-sized! Or try making an area with a small hole that he can run into to get away from the bigger ones...
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    Quote:I agree with this Idea especialy the sugestion about the nice dinners for the hubby!!![​IMG] I also think a quick get away place is a good idea as well.
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