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Apr 10, 2022
Do you have a special chicken, duck, goose, turkey, or any poultry that has departed our world that you want to remember. Post a picture (if you have one) and the name, age when they passed, breed and a memorial telling us about them.
I hope this helps you cope with you loss, I have lost many flock members that were more like family members.
I am sorry for your loss, but hope this helps
I mourn each and every one of my departed birds. But last winter, I lost my last original runner duck hen.

Quinn was the funniest girl; she would jump up and down in anticipation of every single meal or possible treat. And she was the only one who laid greenish eggs.

Once, she laid a perfectly formed egg-within-an-egg. I quickly rescued them from the skillet, blew them out and keep them in a sealed glass jar.

Allowed to choose my own day-old ducklings from the breeder, my first four were Quinn and three drakes! When I finally got another female the right age, Quinn seemed jealous and would try to lure "her" boys back to her. She would jump into the pool and "flirt" until they came running.

Quinn was the undisputed leader of the ducks; everyone followed her everywhere.
I miss my entire first flock quite a bit, they’ve been gone for a while. I miss Fugly the most though, he was such a good rooster! Fine with humans, good to his girls and funny. He used to tap on the sliding door to let me know it was time for an afternoon snack. He was also very handsome!
This was Peggy. She was a Barnevelder and so beautiful and sweet. She was the protector of the flock. She would check the coop every night before anyone went in. She fell ill and we nursed her but she died the second week of June. We loved her and miss her.


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I miss all my birds in heaven but for now I will write about Elle Mae my silver partridge silkie. I bought her when she was 3 months old to be a friend for my paint silkie and she was definitely more then that. She was the only one my paint would let in the nest box with her when she was broody and
they did everything at each other's side. When my paint wasn't broody they would be eating together, drinking together, and dust bathing together. My roo also loved her. He would feed her from his mouth and lay with them in the sand. She started breathing and gasping from her mouth one day and the next day when I came in the morning she was gone. I miss her so much 😢 she was only 4-4.5 months old. RIP Elle Mae 🙏 😢 💔 my paint is positively heart broken and you can see the loneliness in her eyes. She has no friends now so I will someday get her another young pullets to be with. Elle was more like a baby to her and even though Elle passed about 5 weeks ago (I think) she is still kinda sad 😔

This is Askew named so because she had one feather that stood straight up. Though she was totally wrong for her breed (green eyes) she was always the one who insisted to come sit on my lap, inspect my shoes, monitor freckles on my arm, and pose for the camera. I called her my assistant as she was always inspecting my camera equipment and watched carefully as I edited various photos. She lived to be 12 years old and was allowed to die a natural death.

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