Proper LA 200 dosage for 1.6lb hen who's breathing heavily & weak

May 23, 2018
Hey peeps! My question is about making sure I use right dosage of LA 200. I found some conflicting information but the "miracle" post seems to be the most accepted. Going by that I believe her dosage would be .30ml repeated in 3 days, would that be right, she's a bantum & weighs 1.6lbs. I would inject into breast.
She's doing well, eating, drinking going to bathroom normally but is breathing heavily & somewhat weak & tired, she sits around alot but doing well other than that.
Her backstory is about 2 weeks ago was just sitting around in little pen breathing heavily with a click in her throat(gape) & also found long worms in other hens droppings, I treated everyone for worms(ivermec) & assumed they had just taken more of a toll on her so I brought her in for extra care, vitamins, attention & to separate her. It's now been about 2 weeks & no more worms but still breathing heavily at times & sits around alot, so I'm thinking it may be something else & time to add an antibiotic but just want to make sure I get the right dosage.
Thank you for reading this long post & any help or reassurance that I have the right dosage.

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