Pros or cons of high protein feed

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    I have been only raising for about a year and I have more advice than I know what to do with .I have read books and mag. articles
    I raise bielfelders, cream legbars, marans, gold laced cochins, light brahmas, and jersey giants they are all kept separated to keep the breeds pure

    I am presently feeding DuMOR 24% chick starter crumbles for hatchlings 20% starter grower after 12 weeks and 16% layer pellets after 24 weeks granite and oyster shells always available. I have recently found in a local feed store Big V Feeds Poultry Maximizer I was really impressed with the ingredients I have never seen a feed with such a wide variety of stuff in case you can't see the crude protein level it is 19% I was wondering if there are any drawbacks on feeding 19% feed to 24 week and older laying hens and roosters if you blow up the analysis you can read the ingredients
    Thanks Harry
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    I feed Purina Flock Raiser to everyone, from chicks, to layers, to cocks, and 'retired' hens, with oyster shell on the side. That feed has too much calcium for any birds other than laying hens, which could be a problem. It is very important that you check the 'manufactured by' date on feed, and get something that's consistently fresh. I can get the Flock Raiser here within three weeks of production, another very important point in it's favor for me. Mary
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    Most new chicken keepers overthink the feed thing. Manufacturers encourage that, and they sell more feed that way, I'm sure.

    I'm with Mary on this. I have a mixed flock with one roo, ages three-months to eight years. Chicks get the adult feed as soon as they eat up the small bag of starter. Most recent chick never got starter, ate adult feed from the start. I feed Purina Flock Raiser with oyster shell free choice. This has worked splendidly for the past six or seven years.

    I also ferment my feed.

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