Puffy eyelids..HELP


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Yesterday I noticed one hen with one puffy eye. She was lethargic and I separated her from the others. Tractor supply suggested Tetracycline 1/4 teaspoon of powder in gallon of water. Tonight another hen has a bad eye but not acting as sick. She is separated also. This hen wipes her eye with her back feathers. Any advice? Please help.
If you listen to her chest do you here any wheezing or congestion? If so it could be respiratory.
I use LA200 or Tylan from the feed store. But you need to post more info so we can help you make sure.....such as, is she pooping, color, consistency. What is she eating, is she eating, what do you house her in, bedding type etc.....
I sense a little sound when she breathes. Almost a ticking sound. She was not well last night but seems better today. She is eating well and is warm and out of drafts. Her bedding is wood shavings from Tractor Supply always has fresh water and good food. Tonight I noticed another hen with same symptoms. She is isolated also. Tractor Supply said to medicate their water with Tetracycline. 1/4 teaspoon per gallon.

Why did this happen? I've had them for 4 weeks and they have never been in contact with other poultry. Could they catch something from a wild bird? Thank you all for your assistance!!!
Me again. Their coop is very well built and is not drafty or too cold or too hot. The chicks came from Murry McMurry and were vaccinated. I give them non medicated feed.

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