Pullet found laying on her back.

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    See one of our Am B pullets has been found a few times laying on her back. She is about ayear old. She was just laying there calm. When we picked her up and put her back on her feet she would kind of stagger off and then act fine. then we haven’t seen this for a month or 2. Now yesterday I went into their coop and there she was laying on her back looking around. I put her back on her feet and she staggered off and out side. She has also taken to sleeping out in the rafters of their run. I had been going out every night and putting her on roost in the coop but in this shitty weather I got lax plus due to the snow couldn’t get into their run where she was sleeping. Any idea what may be wrong with this little girl?
    >Thanks Rob
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    I don't know for sure, but, do you think she's possibly drunk and/or promiscuous?
    These long cold winters can bring out odd behaviors.
    SORRY. Couldn't resist. Maybe someone else has helpful info.
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    Probably not but thanks
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