Quail died, need help diagnosing


Jan 2, 2019
Hey everybody,

Unfortunately I found one of my button quail dead this morning, and I'd like to see if there are any signs I should look for with the body to make sure it wasn't a disease or parasite that the other quail in the cage could get. I thought the cause might have been dehydration because their waterer was having issues (but was fixed ASAP), but I'm not so sure. I wasn't worried about him because he didn't seem to fit any of the descriptions of the quail diseases I read up on but I am seeing I was mistaken to assume that.

He was lethargic/looking a little weak for a few days; he was having trouble jumping from the lower part of their cage to the upper platform when he usually doesn't. I'm not sure how much he was eating/drinking, but both of them seemed to be drinking less than usual for a bit until I fixed their waterer at which point they seemed to be drinking as much as usual or maybe a little more. I am not seeing any unusual poop in their cage. I cleaned their cage last week. I can provide photos tomorrow if needed.

It could have just been poor breeding, but he was three months old so I figured he would have died sooner like one of his hatch mates did early on if that was the case. If there's any other info I can provide give me a heads up. I will likely be doing an autopsy as well if I can't find anything from the outside.


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Sorry you lost him! :hugs
The symptoms you describe are not very specific - moving less and not showing a lot of appetite fits almost any disease a bird can get. So the autopsy is probably a really good idea. It might not show anything at all, but then you'll at least be able to rule out a lot of issues. Take pictures during the autopsy if you are unsure whether something is normal or not, then share here - we might be able to tell.

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