Quick little story


13 Years
May 29, 2010
So I walked around out to the barn to lock them up and hang out with them for a bit. The Silkies heard me coming and hopped out the door to greet me, cute! I open the door and come in, they surround me and I almost trip. I wonder why, then look down and notice their food is totally empty! Those little piggies! So I pick it up and try to walk out the door, but they swarm me again, even follow me out the door a few feet before I shoo them back into the barn. I fill it up and come back in and yet another swarm, they love me! Er, at least the feeding them part!
On a side note, I just realized I can type in the dark and not need to constantly look down! That only took how many years? Lol!

Anyway, then I get their water and run back over into the house and clean it and top it off with nice cold water, I bring some bread with me. They go loco for bits. The darker Silkie comes over to me and take it from my hands. The white one thinks my fingers are food, fingers and bread=same thing to her, lol. The other two partridge are more into stealing from everyone else. A Jap hen is also being bold and not a lemming. She hopped off the roost and joined the bread madness. Yay.

Ok, I'm done. G'Night.
LOL So cute! My chickens love me for the food too! LOL!
I can't ever help laughing at them! They are my sole entertainment and they are always distracting me when I am trying to do my schoolwork!
My chickens have become very brave...every afternoon when I treat my chickens I give my 2 pygmy's a half of piece of bread...the chickens now come up and tear pieces of the bread out of the goats mouths and then start chasing each other around...quite comical.

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