Raccoon deterrents?


Mar 27, 2022
Please any good ideas on how to keep raccoons out of my coop?!

I had a small flock of 4 chickens for a few years, and last year added 4 more. For years everything went great, until the raccoons attacked. 2 by 2 they picked them off.

This year, I went out and purchased 12 pullets (1 ended up being a cockerel) and are about 4 months old. Today I come out to my coop to see my rooster missing. I’m sad Bc I’ve always wanted a rooster.

I’m pretty sure it’s a raccoon because I see plenty of tracks down by my creek and there’s a hole in the chicken wire they ripped it open. Typical raccoon M.O.
It didn’t help that my rooster INSISTED on sleeping in the run instead of the coop. So he was an easy target.

How do I keep them away?!
Excuse the mess I’m in the process of cleaning it out currently.
It’s an old play house attached to a run made of pvc pipe and chicken wire. On the right side an old swing set as the frame with chicken wire.
The second picture is the hole pulled open where I think they pulled the rooster through.
All my ladies go inside at night except for my ducks, and my rooster of course Bc he likes to sleep with them


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A trap and a gun, as Chickens Come Horn wrote. Or an electric wire around the perimeter. You can just step over the wire, chickens will hop over it. A raccoon will touch it.
Looks like it'll take some time, money and effort to get that up to raccoon proof.
A quick maybe semi solution could be a few dog proof raccoon traps around the outside. I had good luck with one lately.
Might just catch them before they make another break in.
I’m going to purchase some hardware cloth this weekend. As for now I’ve secured them all in the coop every night with no access to the run until I can improve their set up. Thanks for the help guys!

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