Raising and Keeping Chickens


Mar 7, 2018
Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. However here I go... I saw this article today about hipster farmers discovering chickens are labor intensive. This had me scratching my head confused by this. For me, the coop was the most labor intensive thing maybe. Other than the coop; my chickens are easy. Even as chicks, they never seemed labor intensive. I'm doubling my flock from six to twelve this year. Maybe these hipster farmers took on too many things other than just chickens. I don't consider chickens to be labor intensive.

I guess I'm ranting a little, so I think it is out of my system now.
I have a walk in coop. Deep bedding on the floor. My basic work is feed and water, collet eggs, once in a while a bit of a muck out. So with my set up I agree with you.

But I have wondered if those tiny set ups, in tiny backyards, with close neighbors might not get pretty work intensive.

Mrs K
I think some people make more work for themselves because of the way they have things set up. I sure spent a lot more time cleaning and maintaining things when I only had 4 birds, but a sub-optimal set up. Like I discovered a small prefab coop needed far more frequent cleanouts than a bigger walk-in one, even though it would seem that the smaller one would be less work since it's small.
I'm about 'easy as possible' rather than micromanaging everything. More experience, and a good set-up, makes a big difference.
I also think that chickens are pretty easy to manage!
Our horses and cattle are easier too, because they are on pasture with run-in sheds, not in stalls needing daily clean out.
It can all be difficult, or flow nicely, depending on conditions.

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