rats pulling birds down holes what have you tried


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
My Coop
My Coop
traps, poison securing coop, nothing keeps them out

i have no issue with any predators if anyone is ontario feel free let ur coons possums foxes go on my property, they dont pose a issue with the dogs but rats omg

My cats killed around 10 huge ones in a week i measured and took pics of all of them and they were abnorally big.

every trap you can think of. The rat was so strong he broke a 100 live trap meant for squirrels and weasel.

Getting cats that can kill lots of rats easily is hard because it is a specialized trait as the cat gets the throat of the rat and once figures this out the rat is easy prey. But only two cats i know can do this. Has anyone tried feeding their cats in the penn? I am trying this now. I bought new traps. LIve traps, instant kill traps. Anything you can think of. The cats killed like 20 big ones i dont get how these devils came back. There is no food. But they pull down bantam sized roosters down holes.


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Another thing. If i lure the rats out via food to where the cats are the ones who are expert killers would that be a good idea? put food in a bowl where i know the cats love to be? Once the cats see or know the rat is there catching is real easy for them. They are bengals and arabian mau so not normal cats. To break a live hava heart trap meant for larger animals is just insanity.


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Oh. My. Gosh. :thKeep letting the cats do their thing, you could even add a terrier breed to your family. They live to chase small furry creatures such as those in your pics. Keep up with the trapping, if calling an animal exterminator in your area is an option I would try that...seems you may have quite a few of these devils around your property.

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