Really?!? 28 weeks old, not laying


9 Years
Jun 24, 2010
longwood, florida
Two of our four pullets turned 28 weeks this weekend and they still aren't laying. One is a buff orpington and the other is a wyandotte. Do they really take this long to start? My one and only layer (a mystery breed) has been laying for 6 weeks and my EE is a few weeks younger than the others and I've read on this site that EEs can be late layers. Are the other two breeds also known for being late? Henderson's chicken chart says they are "moderately early maturing", whatever that means.
We live in Florida and are still getting approx. 12 hours of daylight. What do you all think? Anyone have these breeds take awhile to get going?
I have both and they started laying at around 22 weeks. I guess some are just late bloomers.
Don't worry! I live in Central Florida, too, and I have both those breeds...

The first year I had chickens (purchased the chicks in early summer), I got a batch that matured during fall....and none of them layed until the days started getting longer. Like clock-work, they started laying the first week of January.

I know it's hard to wait, but don't give up on them....a lot of it has to do with how short the days are, how old they are, and what breed they are. Don't worry - you'll be having omelettes shortly!
I have 3 Wyandottes, same age. They all started laying at different times, 8 weeks difference between first and last girl. Same age/breed/feed and conditions. Charts/books give guidelines/averages for the breed but each bird still develops differently.
I am still waiting on my 27 week old of my 6- 24 week olds laid her first egg today! I think they are on individual timers.
I have 2 wyandottes, 2 welsummers and one speckled sussex, all 5 of them are 28 1/2 weeks old, and not laying yet. I've been giving them extended lighting for a month now, they are healthy and happy, but I'm getting really impatient. for almost 2 months, I've been saying they look like should start laying in the nest few weeks.....yesterday, I noticed one of the wyandottes comb and wattles have gotten extra red, so, maybe it will be soon.
My wyandotte has a really red face too with big, floppy wattles. She is also huge. Looking at her you would assume she is already laying, but she doesn't squat for anyone or sing. The buff orpington still has a fairly small and light comb, but she too is huge. They both are spending more time digging around in the henhouse, but other than that, no signs of them getting ready...
Don't worry about them, some girls like making their owners 'wait' for eggs. A BYCer has a pullet which is 30 weeks old and hasn't either started. Some girls just take long.
Henderson's chart is so vague. I mean, what is the difference between "moderately early" and "somewhat early".

I have both your breeds and my Wyandotte was first to lay at about 22 weeks. My Buffs were a bit later. They will lay. Just give them a little more time.

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