Roos or Pullets? Updated pics @ 8 weeks old...


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This is my 2nd post & my first batch of new baby chicks. They are about 4.5 weeks old now. We have 2 of each, and in the three groupings, all the birds are growing at different rates. I am new to this & afraid I have 6 roos, since they are all so different! Hoping not, since I am super attached, and we can't have any roosters here. I tried to get a full body shot, combs and their tail feathers...

# 1 ~ our lovely Ms. Lovett, a RIR. I have my thoughts on "her". She screeches like an eagle when you pick her up, but is pretty calm, otherwise. I'm afraid the screeching may mean she is a boy... My hubby's favorite one... but, this one seems sort of roo-ish to me...




#2 ~ Other RIR ~unnamed~ "she" seems docile, and sweet.



#3~ Black Beauty ~ such a sweetie! She's a black Austrolorp, and is the first one to hop in your hand. She gets really mad when we put her back and will continue to jump out of the brooder over and over again.




#4 ~ Large Marge (Black Austrolorp) ~ This is the fatty of the group. "She" has fatter legs, and is very plump bodied. After holding her, the other ones seem tiny. She totally dwarfs the others, but is one of the CALMEST and sweetest little ones. She also likes to sit on your hand like a regular bird. I'm afraid this one is a boy? (See pic 4. This one's a fatty!)





#5 ~ (unnamed) Golden Buff ~ She is sooo shy, and "coos" when you pick her up... will close her eyes and shiver everytime we handle her. It's sort of sad! I want her to like us!



#6 ~ my sweet Clementine... though, I am afraid she'll be a boy since she hasn't got many tail feathers.... she was the runt of the group, and used to pass out when we first got her... I had to teach her how to drink, and oh, if she is a boy, I will be so heartbroken... She is a cuddler, and gives Eskimo kisses freely.




When responding on your guesses, can you refer to them by #s or names so I don't get confused. javascript:insert_text('
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I personally think they are all girls.

We had to give our roosters away over the weekend. I gave them to chicken foster parents, atleast that what i am calling them.

My girls talk to each other if I take one out of the coop, but they are all quiet for the most part, but sometimes they make funny noises when away from each other..

But you could tell the boys apart from the girls. When they were about 7 weeks they started doing the cockle doodle doo thing. Well after we had them for 7 weeks.
So far, I don't see any signs of roosters - you may have to wait a few more weeks. Are you sure #1 & 2 are RIRs?

I think RIR or production reds should be mostly red by 4.5 weeks. This is my hatchery RIR at 7 weeks:

Check the bottom of Large Marge's feet. Black australorps & black jersey giants look very similar as chicks, but the bottoms of their feet are different colors - I believe australorps have pinkish/white bottoms & black giants have yellow bottoms (feet bottoms). They may both be australorps, but since she seems so much bigger, you might want to check.
My RIR chicks by that age were far darker deeper red. They had a tad bit of color, but just on the end of their feathers in a sort of buff pattern. They have all different patterning, but the overall effect was a deep dark red, not the molted redish and grey yours have... so I suspect your top gals aren't RIRs. I know by that age, my roo was already showing red waddles and red in his comb, and it was especially obvious in the sun. They look like gals to me, but I'm not by any means an expert.
Ok here is a picture of my 6 week old RIR he is out of exhibition lines but you can get an idea on what is being said about there should be no ticking in wings.. He will turn almost black on his back.

Thanks for all the responses so far.

I have suspected the top ones weren't RIR's, as everyone else's seemed so red, and ours are spotty & more tannish... I was just thinking that at some point they'd feather out red, but I guess not! The Wyandottes are pretty girls, so if they are crossed with those, I don't care.
Do you mean Buff Orpington when you say BO? (I'm new to all this.)

Chris, your RIR's are gorgeous!

I was thinking she might be a Jersey Giant, but her feet are greyish white & slightly pinky... so are Black Beauty's... so, maybe she's a cross breed? I don't know. Doesn't seem like the feed store hubby got them at knew what they had, haha. Oh well. I love them, either way.
Keeping fingers crossed they are all girlies.

Thanks, again, to all who have answered so far. I'll post pics in 2 weeks to show progress. I am feeling calmer that they may all be girls.
Since their feet are the same color, I'm betting they're both black australorps after all. Black Marge could just be a big girl or could turn out to be a roo. I looked at the BA pics again. It almost looks like Black Marge's comb is pink while Black Beauty's comb is yellow. If that's the case, she may end up being a roo (but hopefully not).
Oh, I hope not. The comb is slightly pinky, but sometimes looks peachy-yellow...

Large Marge is so calm and sweet. I hope she's not a Large Martin. I won't be able to keep her, unless I hide it in the garage at night, like I have heard of some people doing with their roos...
I hope not, though...

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