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  1. frannyt

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    Mar 30, 2016
    Hi all, so I have this new rooster (last one got killed by the dog, RIP Ben) and today after about a month of having him he spurred me. I went out, gave the hens some berries, walked back out to get something from the yard and he attacks! Spurred me good in the leg, I plan on going to the clinic tomorrow, to get some antibiotics. Anyways, I'm sort of new to this chicken thing, do you all suggest I just remove his Spurs? Or is the gumbo pot the only way to go with this one? I feel bad killing him but I really don't want him to hurt anyone else or a dog. Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC - sorry you are havin a bad go with your rooster at the moment. Can you tell us a little more about him - you have had him about a month, how old was he reported to be when you got him? Did the seller disclose any behavioral issues when you took him and/or did you ask about his personality?
    If you are interested in exploring the possible reasons he chose this route and trying to rehab him I would strongly suggest getting in touch with @centrarchid -- I have a lot of respect for his approach, even if it differs from my own (I have a zero tolerance approach - just removed my favorite bird, a lovely SS rooster, from the flock due to behavior issues)
  3. frannyt

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    Mar 30, 2016
    The seller only told me that he grew up with dogs, so he should not attack mine, but that he will stand his ground if chased by a child. However, I was not even walking at him, just into the yard and bam! I was thinking of removing his Spurs today and if he continues this behavior (I'm hoping he just thought I was going to take back the strawberries I gave him) I don't see any reason to keep him around. I'm more worried for my dogs now.
  4. Folly's place

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    Welcome! The seller's comment about 'stands his ground' with a child would have raised huge red flags for me. He'd be going to the crockpot or underground here, before more harm is done. Mary
  5. aart

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    Removing/trimming this spurs isn't going to really help....other than he can't use them any more, but he can still inflict plenty of damage with his feet and beak.
    Problem is his attitude not his spurs.

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