Rooster can't move, PLEASE HELP!


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I received a rooster last Thursday, and he couldn't really walk he was sorta of falling to one side, and I put him in a second pen on his own, and he was walking fine again so I put him in the pen with the rest of the hens on Saturday night and he was fine, but when I went to let them out today he was lying at the door and couldn't move, all the hens jumped past him , and I set him on the ground his leg was shaking like crazy, so I put him back in the departed pen in the house, what do I do I thought he was getting better, so I don't know what to do please anybody help:(!
(If it matters he is a light Sussex rooster around a year old)
Here is a pic of him in the new house please help
Not really, but he falls down, i went to see him and he is lying down on the groun and he is shaking ?
I don't know where you live, but EEE (Equine eastern encephalitis) is carried by mosquitos and one of the symptoms is shivering. But I'm sure there are other illnesses that have shivering as well.
I'm just across the water in Northern Ireland. I have just had another outbreak of mareks disease so that's why I thought I'd mention it, most symtoms sound like it although none of my chickens shivered with it
What did u do I just cleaned out my coop really really well ahah and got rid of the rooster :( only had him for 6 days :(
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What did u do I just cleaned out my coop really really well ahah and got rid of the rooster :( only had him for 6 days :(
unfortunately if it was mareks there is no cure if your flock was in contact to the rooster they may have contracted it. Look out for these few signs (these are the symtoms shown in my flock, some birds show NO signs of it at all)

Falling wing or wings, lameness, falling over, being all fluffed up as if cold, unable to stand, not eating or drinking leading to death. It can show suddenly or get worse over a period of time. Out of near 20 chickens I now have 12 left, all have the disease but some will not die of it.. I HOPE!

I really hope you do not have this disease in your flock, it is horrid
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one of our ducks that was a gander had something like this. I forgot what it was called but we cured it in less then a day with warm molasses water which we gave it to drink. but make sure he is in solitary confinement so it does not spread

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