Rooster PTSD/mourning or internal injuries?


Jul 21, 2021
Our rooster (not sure if the type he is black and white speckled) has something very wrong about him. About three days ago, while the chickens were roaming, foxes devastated the flock. We lost about 8 hens, leaving only about 5, most of whom are young red hens who had just been released into the flock.
Ever since then, the rooster has been very off. He has been very lethargic, not on guard as normal, hanging his head. Last night he was in a new place on his perch which he never has done. Then this morning (it was still dark out) he was on the ground (unusual), his head down, and his head was nodding back and forth similar to twitching.

i know chickens mourn and suffer from post traumatic stress but since this morning now wondering if internal injuries may be at play. No outward signs of blood, loss of feathers, nothing i have seen. This is so sad please help!
I will add he has not shown interest in eating, he acts like we are not there. And about the twitching, i considered maybe he was asleep and dreaming? I don’t know. Please help!
It would be good to gather him up, check him really well for signs of injury, bruising, indication of tenderness. Look under his feathers.

Bring him aside and see if he will drink some sugar water for you or if you have electrolytes that would be good.

He may have internal injuries. The off behavior is not normal so check him over really well.

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