Oct 16, 2018
November isn’t the best time to be hatching but this mama is broody hahaha

This is my third attempt

Our first attempt at this little incubator was with some eggs collected after a frost. They could have been polish eggs, Orpington eggs or sexlinks. Although it’s not freezing in our barn or coop it isn’t heated either. So needless to say they were COLD! I figured I’d give them a go anyways. See what would happen upon incubating very very cold eggs. We waiting out 12 days to be sure and found ourselves with no development. Some had little floaters when candling. But no blood rings and no veining. So we ended that round. I should mention although I held humidity and temp perfectly prior to setting the eggs. I found after set the humidity kept rising on me daily. This must have been due to the cold eggs? No idea. But it hasn’t happened again yet.

Our second round was another round of eggs of the same breeds. Eggs were collected as laid and brought to the house (they are all brown eggs that look very similar. I find our orpingtons a wee lighter then the rest and a little less calcium then I’d like..never the less unless I divid my flock we can never be sure until hatch) Anyways. We ended this one on day 7 which only one fertilized egg that ended in a blood ring.

This round we have the 4 little white eggs which are Old English Bantam eggs (they were found in a hidden nest, not warm but slightly colder then I’d like) These girls seem to go broody a lot and have a great laying pattern. We currently have a young pullet sitting on her clutch. Surprisingly it’s the pullet of our Bantam flock that has next to no typical colouring to her. Who’d of figured she’d of been the first of her hatch to go broody. We also have in the incubator what I think are Orpington or Polish eggs. I can’t be sure. Could possibly be our sexlinks too. None of the brown eggs are pure as we have only 2 bantam Roos and a Polish Roo (who is not my favourite and would gladly rehome) these eggs are all good in colour. Good calcium etc.

We are now on day 3

Wish us luck!!!


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