Runty pullet, lethargic,

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    My BR, Anisette, seems to be either a bantam or a runt. She is well formed, fully feathered, her comb is small but turning red. I purchased her on April 28 2010 from Midway City Feed. A few days ago, I've noticed that she is a bit lethargic, her smaller feathers are started to shake out and she is picking at her food. She is the lowest rank pullet and just seems to be off. Also I've noticed there are some poops that are bright green, almost like bile coated. I am going to isolate and feed her separately from the others. She likes HB eggs and tolerates Greek yogurt. I just started the girls on ACV and baby vits in their water today also.
    The other two are very heavy and seemingly healthy. They are all very large and active, she is just away from them.
    I am concerned about her overall size - she is so runty....she is literally half the size of her partner, Saffron the Buff Orphington. Saffron is a butterball - she rivals Parsley, my Jersey Giant!

    She ate a tiny bit of water packed tuna and when I pick her up her legs/feet feel very cool, she just stands in the middle of the run with her eyes closed. I am very sad, because my first BR, Rosemary passed away 6 months ago. I love Barred Rocks and have always wanted them since I was a young kid.

    I'm bringing her in and putting her under a heat lamp so she can rest

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