Santa Clarita SoCal residents interested in changing current urban unfriendly ordinance

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  1. Abandana

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    Jun 8, 2017
    Me and my kids would like to reach out to the Santa Clarita community interested in having chickens. Sadly we have unreasonable ordinance for standard urban home with a backyard and my son and myself would like to try to change chicken ordinance in Santa Clarita City to allow at least 2 hens for standard urban household ( currently you need 15k square feet for 1 hen) We want to outline very neat plan to accommodate all sides and currently working on it ( I spoke to our urbanzoning administrator just to get idea what are some of their concerns)Before we proceed to speak at city hall meetings we want to know how many people currently living or planning to move to here are interested to welcome the change, we need supporters to weigh the campagne to influence the change to display multi interest. We would like everyone spread the word. We just need to first know how many people are in the like situation like ours. Please help. Thank you so much!
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    Hi there Abandana! We live in the LA County portion of the SCV and have backyard chickens. Every time we give people a dozen eggs and tell them that they came from our chickens they always say they wish they could have chickens too. Good luck and let me know if there is anything we can do to support you with this.

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