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    Mar 23, 2012
    First, I want to say I'm pretty new to having chickens. We got our first ones in June. The first one we got ended up being a rooster. I loved this chicken, Cheeseball, from the moment I got him. Never thought I'd say that! Well, I thought he loved me until recently. I went out for a run one day and when I came back up the driveway he full on attacked me. My first instinct was to run to the house (which I now think wasn't the best idea). He got me pretty good and I had a huge bruise on my arm. It was cold that day and I was bundled up with a hat and sunglasses so I though maybe he didn't recognize me. After that he was back to his normal self, eating out of my hand, following me around the yard like a puppy and letting me pick him up. Now he is starting attacking me again. Not as bad as the first time but still I don't like it and it's making me scared of him. I won't even let them out of the coop if I'm alone. I have to have my boyfriend do it. After some reading I see I should pick him up and calm him down but I'm at the point where I'm scared to do that. I'm not sure what else I can do. Help!
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    The reality is, you have a mean rooster. You have a couple of options. You can try the "taming" techniques posted many times, many places on here or you can get rid of him. I won't mess with a mean rooster myself, but then, mine don't have names and they are not pets. In my opinion, a mean rooster is a liability. Even if you do teach it to respect you, it does not mean that he won't attack a visitor in your yard - worst case scenario being a child. Your running to the house did tell him that he won and he can push you around. Ask yourself why you have chickens in the first place. Is it for the joy of having them? If so, are you enjoying them right now, or is your mean rooster ruining that for you? If he is, why are you keeping him around? Here, he would be butchered. If you feel you don't want to keep him, you can eat him or find someone else to take him. It would have to be with full disclosure of his personality, of course. And if you do give him away, you have to just let him go, realizing that he is no longer your bird and it's not your business what becomes of him.

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