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10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Holland, Massachusetts
A long story garrage collapsed this past winter. I have had a few folks stop by after seeing the wreckage and ask if they can take my scrap metals. We are still dealing with the insurance co. (long winter with alot of claims and they are backed up) so we haven't removed or tossed anything.

Should I find a place and sell my scrap metal myself?
Is it worth the hastle?
Should I just give the stuff away to get it off my property?

I don't know the first thing about selling scrap metal, so I am looking for opinions or advice.

The types of items that I have to scrap are:
several bycicles
snow blower
gas grill
the metal frame from the garage door
some busted hand tools (sockets, wrenches and such)
and that's it

So give away or sell it myself, that is the question
Give it away! By the time you take the tires off everything, you've lost money. The scrap guy that wants it will throw it in a junk car to add weight to his load. Your talking about $20 to $25 worth of scrap.
I'd say give it away, wouldn't be worth your time. Let it be someone else's headache. Here,..if you do not have a HUGE pile or a junk car to throw it all in, isn't worth it. JMO,..
If we have enough we bring it to Springfield..(theres a scrap metal place there)..
We've made a couple hundred before... and its easy. they do all the work, basically.. i think they weighed our truck with the metal in it...then weighed the turck empty.... (something like that anyways... i'll have to ask hubby. I cant remember a dang thing in my old age.

But lately we just call a guy and he came and picked it up...
Things are different for each of us. Can be the same things, and
still be different.

I won't give my scrap away.

We have several tons of it in a years time. And it will relate to several
thousands of dollars in the end. And yes, I will take the time to separate
it into the different types.

BUT ... But I have the ways, means and equipment to haul it off.

If the popcornpuppy has a pickup, no problem. Haul it off. If they don't,
have someone to do it on shares. After they settle with the insurance
claim against it.

Either way, it's money.
We dont have a pick up truck, just an SUV that the large items won't fit in (like the snow blower).
So from the responses so far, I may be better off letting someone take it away for me, and there is not alot of cash value to it. Am I getting the gist of it?
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Take it in yourself,not sure what prices are where you are but here steel,iron,tin are going for $265-$285 a ton,it doesn't sound like you have a ton but it sounds like enough to make it worth your while.The gas grill is probably aluminum,maybe $10-$15 worth.The hand tools will be priced at 2ft price($300+ a ton).
We found a guy on Craigslist who will come out, load up and transport out metal. He then splits the money with us. We've made a couple of hundred dollars with this. No car or anything huge like that, just old fencing, air conditioner etc..... We take our aluminium in ourselves. Usually make enough to fill a gas tank. Now a days, that's nothing to sneeze at!
I would take it to the scrap yard. My daughter and I cleaned out her house and our farm and made almost 1,000.00 at Christmas time It sure helped with the bills. Call around and get prices but sort it out dont take it all together separate the different kinds as prices vary on the different metals
I hauled several truck loads of metal to the transfer station, they only charged me $5 each

We had a junk metal guy come and pick up a LOT of old metal, old chicken wire, other wire, pipes, cans etc. He was very happy to get it and made $100-$160 a load. But it was a lot of work for him and I was just thankful to not have to drag the stuff out of the yard, load the stuff in the truck and unload it. Both mom and I know that some of it was probably worth some money, but we were just happy to have some help with cleaning up.

The neighbor said the iron stuff is worth about .02 a pound right now. Brass and copper are more.

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