Serama Chick Weight [14 grams at 1 week]


12 Years
Dec 13, 2007
This is my first time raising a serama and the little guy is 14 grams at 1 week old. I think he was an early hatch and he was abandoned when he first hatched. I found him in the corner of the broody house buried under some shavings. I thought he was dead at first as he was ice cold but he made it through now to 1 week.
I am not quite familiar with weights of serama chicks. But 14 grams seems awful tiny to me. He eats fine and drinks. He sleeps the most out of the group, but always gets up to eat and drink.
Is he just going to be a runt or should I be concerned? Is there any extra bits I can give him to maybe help his growth?
Thank you
You can boost him with vitamins and minerals in his drink water and treats like scrambled egg and or mealworms. I had an injured chick some time ago, who fell behind in the growth department and after a while on this diet she caught up with her siblings. She's doing very well now and I'm expecting her to start laying eggs very soon.

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