Serama chicks!!


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Mar 23, 2008
Oakland, CA
I'm going to pick up 4, 3 week old Serama chicks from a breeder on Sunday. The chicks weren't vaccinated as day olds against Mareks and I was wondering if it is too late to do so?

Also, any advice to a new owner of these tiny peeps? Do Seramas need anymore TLC than standard baby chicks?


(Pics will be posted on Sunday,
I think it's too late for the Marek's.
As for serama care, I raise my chicks just like bantams, regarding heat, and make sure that their food is fine enough so they don't choke (run it through a clean coffee grinder.) I put a little sugar in their water for the first few days too, as well as vitamins, and I keep glass aquarium beads in the base of the water to keep them from drowning.
Serama's will need more TLC than standards.
About the Mareks, I think you might have a second chance to vacninate them but not at this stage.
I contacted the breeder this morning and I've decided to wait on getting Seramas, I thought about the pros and cons and risks involved with getting chicks that weren't vaccinated and I don't want to chance spreading disease amongst my birds.

I'll just have to wait until I can find some hatching eggs and administer the vaccinne myself.

I was really looking forward to them too...

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