Setting eggs tonight! Anyone want to join me?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
New England
I'm so excited! I picked up one dozen Ameraucana eggs from a local breeder who has some great lines!! I'm glad his girls laid enough eggs for me to have some.

Anyone setting eggs tonight? This will be my second hatch.

Awesome! Welcome to BYC! Are you updating your progress in any other threads? If not - I hope you update here! I'd like to watch how your hatch is coming along.

What kind of eggs did you set?
I set 12 eggs this morning. This will be my first attempt. I got my incubator for x-mass. I set showgirls and silkies
Hey chick! Wow - this was your first post!? WELCOME to BYC!

Please continue to update in this thread - I'd love to see your progress as well!!
I set my very first eggs yesterday. 16 olive eggers and 8 EE. Some I got through BYC auction and some are mine. I'm trying not to get too excited yet. It seems like so many things can go wrong. I have hatched with a broody before and that was a breeze. This I'm afraid will have some trial and error, but hopefully chicks at the end.
Hi guys can i join too =) ive got 12 mixed maran surprises! Hubby got me a brinsea 40 for xmas and its my first time hatch! Ive got 12 days to go...
I am setting mine tonight! I have a hatch buddy! Woohoo :D the parents to mine are a sex link roo with white leghorn hens. What I'm going for is white chickens with light barring, and I'm hoping to get a few red barring ones as well. I'm so excited!

So many hatch buddies!

So we have:

Me: Ameraucana
tmfineg: Unannounced
chick flick: Showgirls and Silkies
emptynestermom: Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers
TracytheChick: Mixed Marans
Chikn-Chik: Sexlink over White Leghorns
Jaboo: Serama, Silkies, Ardenaisses bantam and White Orpington.

Anyone else to add to the list?? :)

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