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Jul 14, 2014
Hi Fellow Hatchers,

The box that my poor potential babies came in looked like an emotionally disturbed Rugby player used it to try out for the 'volleyball' team! Amazingly, only 1 egg was broken... 7 ways from Sunday, of course. Everyone else has some of the wonkiest mix of air cell types I have ever seen.
Though this is only my second opportunity to set eggs, lol.
So I let them sit in egg carton for a good while and decided to wholeheartedly give a 'go'. Two of the eight 'seem' to have stabilized?
At first I wasn't 110% concerned as I only saw one of eight eggs veining out...happy just for that...but now that my odds jumped a tad with 6 out of 8...oh,
and '8' is the cracked egg that I waxed the bajeezus out of just because I didn't want to immediately give up on it...yeah, I am one of those...NOW I am worry worting over these bubbies like nobody's business...
So, here's my question...

Has anyone done, or would, in fact, recommend lock down on day 16... instead of 18?

If so, what was your success rate? Or at least your opinion whether this does, in deed, make sense to do...?
It does to me only for the fact that they should be in position and ready to rock and roll by day 16, but with all the varied experience and opinion,
I would prefer to hear from my peops in this forum.
I will, as always, appreciate any and all input as this batch is making me much 'crazier' than my first (and I don't need anymore help in that dept.!)



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Oct 5, 2011
Shoreline, Washington
I don't know that 2 extra days of not turning will make that much difference either way. There are many people that do not turn eggs at all throughout the entire incubation so I say give it a try with the bad air cells. I wouldn't change the humidity for day 16 to lockdown percentage unless the air cells are particularly small.

I did follow the advice of others posting here about not turning eggs for the first 3 days of incubation and then hatching them in cut down egg cartons for a more upright position to help with the unstable air cells. Out of 11 that seemed viable, I only had 3 hatch but these eggs had been coated in egg from several eggs crushed in transport. My package arrived relatively in good shape but two half 18 pack egg cartons were stacked on top of each other so any compression of the box top to bottom transferred to eggs quickly and 4 were crushed, several more cracked and the rest were covered in egg mess in hot weather.

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