Shouldn't This Be BLUE?!?!?!?!?

Did my blue egg layer lay this brow egg

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Mar 1, 2018
Meeker, Colorado
I have 7 hens, 2 white layers, 2 dark brown layers, 1 light brown layer, 1 cream layer, and (SUPPOSEDLY) a blue egg layer.

Ok, here is the story. All of the hens I just told you about are good layers eggs except for, the cream layer (who doesn't lay anymore) and one of the dark brown layers (who, will drop a fairy egg about once a month).
Then I have my blue egg layer, she is an 11month old brown-red americauna who has NEVER layed!!!!
So anyway I go out side and find a medium sized reddish-brownish egg with spots/calcium lumps all over it (none of my hens eggs ever look like this one). Could it be my SUPPOSEDLY blue egg layer's egg?!?!?!?!?
COULD IT BE HER'S???? I felt her abdomen and it feels a little swollen and her pubic bones are a LOT wider.

If you have any questions about the egg, flock, or chicken her self don't be afraid to ask. The first photo is the mystery egg the second photo is a normal egg,the mystery egg,and a fairy egg.Third photo is mystery egg cracked.
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