Siblings Pairing?

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  1. I was thinking about getting a pair of pigeons. I have a coop and they are siblings. The mom is a dark blue and the dad is slate color and white. would the siblings breed?
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    they might- but what will that breeding do to help doves, pigeons or birds in general.

    What is the purpose of allowing siblings to breed? I mean why do you want babies from these birds, or do you?

    Usually to keep a particular trait "line breeding" is done, father to daughter or mother to son- not siblings...

    If you don't want them to breed and they do anyway - you can take the eggs and switch with white shooter sized marbles- remove after 18 days.

    Another way to discourage breeding is not having nesting material or getting same gendered pairs so there are no viable eggs.
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    Yes, siblings will readily mate up and it happens a lot unintentionally. Nothing wrong with it. Brother-sister matings do not cause as many problems as people think. It does of course increase the chance of "bad" recessive genes to show but it also increases the chance of the good ones showing. Inbreeding, linebreeding, and cross-breeding are all important tools in breeding programs. If they produce poor quality young then simply split them up and mate them to better quality birds.
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    It happens to me. Well, my pigeons, not my children.
    But yes, its fine. They do it a lot, as Mary said. The only issue is if there is some sort of bad gene pool, it will continue on by force......
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    X 2 As Becky has stated many breeding regimens are utilized to 'set' traits in a strain. rigid culling may be needed as bad traits may be intensified as well as good traits.
  6. oh ok good oh and heres another question to keep down our wild pigeon poppulation we woul take the bsby out of the nest when they were learnin to fly snd raise them. I had one adult female that was ready to be released and recently I had out her little brother from another hatch in there. a couple days later i saw her cooing above him and feeding him as if she was his mother is this normal?

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