sick Cuckoo Maran

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  1. Lena's Layers

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Got my Cuckoo Maran in August...she's been healthy just like my other one. Yesterday she was kind of hopping on one leg and it seemed one wing was floppy. I have a flock of 27 assorted hens. When I checked on her again she was laying lifeless outside in the yard. It appears the other hens pecked her head pretty bad--bloody, eyes shut, and featherless, but alive. I took her and cleaned her head and lathered it in Neosporin. I have her in a box and thought she would die, but I have been giving her water in a water dropper and she's eating now, still can't stand, and eyes are open. She seems much more alert that she's had some water and food. Why can't she stand....what should I it hopeless?
  2. ivan3

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    Jan 27, 2007
    Sorry about the delay: How is she, now? Did you check her for injuries? That she was hopping on one leg and apparently trying to balance herself with the other (along with sudden onset) would indicate injury rather than disease (`drunk' walk/sitting on hocks/etc.).
    Hope she is still alive and recovering!

    Please post and let us know.

    Take care,


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