Silkie has yellow crust on face and head and is also loosing feathers please help! Pics

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    New to the forum, my boyfriend has had chickens at his place for 10+ years and has never experienced this so I am hoping someone can give us some advice! We have 2 RIR hens and recently added 2 silkies, they are around 6 months old so they are still seperated from the other two... We noticed a month or so ago that our black silkie Dalhia had missing feathers on her head, it was a small spot and we just assumed it was the other roo silkie trying to peck at her, but we rehomed him a week ago and her head keeps loosing feathers, and there is a yellow crust on her head and face. Her appetite and personality seem normal, but I am freaking out now that I know for sure its not the other silkie...I don't see her loosing feathers or have the crust anywhere else but I don't know, so hopefully someone can help out, I also contacted the woman who sold them to us... I attached photos, we are in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks!!

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    It looks like she may have some type of fungal infection like Favus.

    You can try applying an anti-fungal cream (like Lotrimin, Tinactin, and other antifungal creams).

    It looks quite advanced to me, so if you have a vet that can take some scrapings or a sample so you know exactly what you are dealing with that would be best. They can also prescribe better medication/course of treatment than you can get OTC.

    Keep her separated and make sure her water station is kept clean and sanitized. diseases fourth year/ch2_4.htm
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    X 2. Here is a thread with a very advanced case of something similar:

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