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    Aug 3, 2010
    I need help with my 6 month old rooster. For the past 5 days all he does is sleep. I noticed him walking slowly one day and didn't think anything of it. The next day he wouldn't leave the coop. There was a small amount of mucus on his beak but it cleared up. The first two days he wasn't interested in eating anything. I used a syringe to make him drink. About the third day he would drink on his own if I put the water up to his beak. It's like you have to remind him to drink and eat. The past few days he will eat and drink on his own around sunset before he roosts for the night. If he is inside around sunset he goes and eats the cat food on his own. If he is around the other rooster or chickens he wakes up and is able to run, fly, whatever he needs to do to get away from them. His poop was runny, green, sometimes yellow now it is normal. His crop was full last night and empty today. The 13 chickens we have are allowed to run free during the day. I have been keeping the rooster in the house ( it's 95 to 100 degrees lately). All the other chickens are healthy and active. Our guess is he ate something poisonous, like a mushroom or berry or was bitten by a snake or spider or he has figured out that he likes the air conditioning and is faking being sick.

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